Integrated Logistics Company Pty Ltd

Located inland to the west of Mackay, the Dalrymple Bay Coal Chain is a major coal supply chain network that extends over 300 kilometres.  Coal is transported from 23 coal producing mines at 20 load points onto trains that are 2 kilometres long terminating at the Port of Hay Point where the coal is loaded by the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal onto waiting ships for export.  The multi-user coal chain produces up to 85 MTPA of capacity.


The Integrated Logistics Company Pty Ltd (ILC) was formed to provide a collaborative framework for stakeholders of the supply chain to maximise throughput for the benefit of all stakeholders.  Its shareholders include 8 Mining Companies, and 7 Service Providers including 4 Rail Operators, 1 Rail Manager, Terminal Operator, Terminal Lessee, and also North Queensland Bulk Ports.

ILC co-ordinate on behalf of its shareholders various functions including Master Planning, Tactical/Long Term Planning, Coal Chain Forecasting and Coal Chain Performance Management.